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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aabh Aabharan Aadesh Aadi Aadidev
Aadisht Aadishwar Aadithya Aaditya Aadiyan
Aafreen Aafreen Aagney Aahish Aaishik
Aakar Aakarshan Aakash Aakersh Aakrith
Aalam Aalap Aalaye Aalok Aanand
Aanandi Aanaye Aanchal Aandaleeb Aaradhak
Aarj Aarmaan Aarmann Aarnes Aarondeep
Aarooh Aarthika Aarti Aaryan Aasha
Aasifkhan Aastik Aathavan Aatish Abadhya
Abala Abalendu Abanindra Abayankara Abbas
Abbas Abburi Abeer Abha Abha
Abhanja Abhasa Abhasvara Abhata Abhatha
Abhay Abhaya Abhaya Abhayda Abhayprada
Abheek Abheer Abheyendra Abhi Abhibhu
Abhicandra Abhidi Abhidipa Abhidyu Abhigita
Abhihava Abhihita Abhijan Abhijana Abhijat
Abhijata Abhijay Abhijaya Abhijeet Abhiji
Abhijit Abhijnana Abhijvala Abhijyan Abhik
Abhika Abhikama Abhikanksa Abhikhyana Abhilash
Abhilasha Abhilasha Abhilasin Abhilasin Abhimand
Abhimani Abhimanyu Abhimatjit Abhimoda Abhinabhas
Abhinamin Abhinand Abhinanda Abhinandan Abhinandin
Abhinatha Abhinav Abhinava Abhinavan Abhinaya
Abhinita Abhinivesa Abhinuv Abhipada Abhipala
Abhipuspa Abhira Abhiraag Abhiraja Abhiraksa
Abhiraksa Abhirama Abhiramana Abhirastra Abhiratra
Abhiru Abhiruca Abhiruci Abhiruci Abhirucira
Abhirup Abhirupa Abhisala Abhisar Abhisara
Abhiseka Abhishek Abhisikta Abhisneha Abhisoka
Abhisri Abhisri Abhisshek Abhisu Abhisumat
Abhit Abhita Abhivada Abhivadan Abhivir
Abhivira Abhiviraja Abhiyanta Abhra Abhrakasin
Abhramu Abhramu Abhranaga Abhranta Abhraroha
Abhrottha Abhyagni Abhyudaya Abhyudita Abigail
Abinaash Abinaash Abinandhan Abinash Abir
Abira Abirinder Abishan Abishek Abishta
Abja Abjit Abnash Abnash Aboli
Abrik Abrik Abu Acalapati Acalendra
Acananas Acanda Acarya Acchoda Acchoda
Acchundra Achal Achala Achalraj Acharya
Achilles Achint Achinta Achintya Achir
Achit Achit Achla Achyut Achyuta
Acyutaraya Acyutayu Adalvallan Adambara Adan
Adapa Adarna Adarsa Adarsh Adarsh
Adarshpal Addana Adelika Adesa Adesh
Adhaar Adharma Adhibu Adhik Adhiksita
Adhinatha Adhipa Adhira Adhira Adhiraiyan
Adhiraja Adhiratha Adhirohna Adhirukma Adhisa
Adhisvara Adhita Adhivahana Adhiviraja Adhrgu
Adhrsya Adhrsya Adhvara Adhvaryu Adhya
Adi Adidaitya Adil Adil Adima
Adimula Adina Adina Adinath Adinatha
Adindra Adipa Adiraja Adiratha Adisa
Adisesan Adish Adisimah Adisisira Adisvara
Adit Adita Adita Aditeya Aditi
Aditi Adity Aditya Aditya Adityaketu
Adityasena Adityesa Adiyan Adlakha Admani
Adra Adri Adrigu Adrindra Adripata
Adrisa Adrupa Adura Adusita Adusumilli
Advaya Advayanand Advika Advitiya Adwaita
Adwaiy Adway Adya Adyasarana Adyota
Aejaz Aemit Aera Aftaab Aftab
Aga Agadhi Agam Agama Agamjot
Agamjot Agampreet Agampreet Agarva Agasti
Agastya Agavaha Agendra Agesh Agha
Agharika Agharna Aghat Aghora Aghosh
Agil Agnajita Agneya Agneyi Agnibahu
Agnibha Agnibhuti Agnibija Agnidatta Agnidhra
Agnidhraka Agnika Agnikana Agniketu Agnima
Agnimasa Agnimitra Agnimukha Agnipa Agniprava
Agnira Agnirajan Agniruha Agnisika Agnisinha
Agnisoma Agnisri Agnistu Agnistuta Agnit
Agnitejas Agnivamin Agnivarna Agnivesa Agnivesya
Agnivirya Agnpurna Agraha Agraj Agraja
Agraja Agrasena Agrata Agrayana Agrayani
Agreni Agrim Agrima Agrima Agriya
Agyakumar Aha Ahamyati Ahan Ahankara
Ahanmani Ahannatha Ahanti Ahanti Ahar
Ahara Ahavaniya Ahavaniym Ahganul Ahi
Ahika Ahilocana Ahima Ahimsa Ahinagu
Ahiratha Ahisvara Ahjaja Ahlad Ahobala
Ahovala Ahovira Ahriman Ahsan Ahu
Ahuka Ahupathi Ahuta Ahuti Ahuti
Ahvana Aijaz Aila Aiman Aimson
Ainesh Airavata Aishwarya Aiswarya Aitareya
Aiyah Aiyah Aiyappa Aja Aja
Ajaaya Ajagara Ajai Ajaib Ajaib
Ajaipal Ajaipal Ajakara Ajakasva Ajakava
Ajal Ajala Ajalika Ajamil Ajamila
Ajamukha Ajandeva Ajani Ajanidha Ajanta
Ajapa Ajapala Ajaparsva Ajar Ajasra
Ajata Ajatshatry Ajavindu Ajay Ajay
Ajaya Ajaydip Ajaysingh Ajeet Ajeet
Ajendar Ajendra Aji Aji Ajigarta
Ajina Ajinder Ajinder Ajinka Ajira
Ajit Ajit Ajitabh Ajitabha Ajitanatha
Ajitapala Ajitatman Ajitesh Ajitha Ajitkumar
Ajitpal Ajitpal Ajitya Ajivash Ajmal
Ajmalsingh Ajmani Ajmani Ajmer Ajmer
Ajodara Ajoy Ajoy Ajurpal Ajwani


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