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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aabad Aadeel Aadhav Aadhidhya Aadhityaa
Aadhyanth Aadipta Aadya Aahaan Aahalad
Aairan Aakaanksh Aakansh Aakersh Aakrit
Aakshay Aam Aanond Aanosh Aaradhya
Aarhan Aariv Aarnosh Aaruon Aarveen
Aaryamana Aaryaraj Aaryaveer Aaryavir Aas
Aasav Aatithya Aavish Aayaan Aayam
Aayoush Abanindra Abendran Abhay Abhaya
Abhaysinh Abhedya Abheirr Abheudaya Abhey
Abhihijeet Abhijit Abhik Abhikalp Abhilasha
Abhilekh Abhim Abhima Abhimani Abhimanyu
Abhinaav Abhinanda Abhinatha Abhiral Abhiru
Abhirupa Abhisayana Abhisheik Abhra Abhu
Abhyas Abhyassai Abhyu Abhyudith Abijat
Abijath Abijit Abiskar Abjayoni Abjinipati
Abyas Abyassai Acalesvara Acharyan Achinta
Achinthya Achinthyaa Achintya Achintyaa Achintyah
Achit Achuthen Achyuta Achyuthaa Acintya
Ackchat Ackshaat Ackshat Acyuta Acyutanuja
Adambha Addhyan Adeit Adesvara Adharmaka
Adhideva Adhikara Adhikavi Adhiram Adhoksaja
Adhoksaya Adhoksh Adhokshaja Adhrta Adhvait
Adiankara Adidev Adideva Adija Adikara
Adikurma Adimata Adimurti Adipta Adisakti
Adithiyan Adithyan Aditi Aditya Adityan
Adityasuna Adivaki Adivaraha Adrija Advaita
Adviteeya Adwyet Adya Agaja Agarwal
Agasthia Agasthian Agastya Agastyaa Aghaghna
Aghora Aghrnivasu Aglad Agnajita Agni
Agnibhatta Agnidurga Agniishvar Agnija Agnijvala
Agnikumara Agniswar Agrawal Agreya Agrimgoel
Aham Ahanpati Ahantya Aharmani Aharpati
Ahaskara Aheer Ahijit Ahimsa Ahindra
Ahiruthsav Ahmae Ahmaey Ahmaie Ahmay
Ahmei Ahvay Aimascarya Aingini Aishani
Aitesvara Aiyenar Aja Ajaay Ajaikapada
Ajamidhras Ajana Ajanta Ajatari Ajatasatmi
Ajatasatru Ajay Ajay Ajaya Ajayaghosh
Ajaysimhan Ajeetsimha Ajeevan Ajira Ajisa
Ajit Ajita Ajitavh Ajitkumar Ajoy
Akaash Akeet Akhandala Akhil Akhuga
Akileshvar Akkhilesh Akkshay Akriti Akrsna
Aksa Aksala Aksamala Aksara Aksat
Aksath Aksayini Akshaan Aksham Aksharath
Akshay Akshaya Akshaydhan Akshet Akshhat
Akshiel Akshil Akshin Aksin Aksitavasu
Aksitoti Aksmalin Aksudra Akula Akuta
Akutascala Akuti Alakadhipa Alok Alokendra
Alpesa Amadana Amadhya Amaey Amal
Amala Amanta Amar Amaracarya Amaradhipa
Amaraguru Amaraja Amaranatha Amarapa Amarapati
Amarasri Amarendra Amaresa Amaresvara Amareyja
Amarindra Amarisvara Amarnath Amarottama Amarsari
Amarsing Amayatman Amaye Ambansa Ambaprasad
Ambar Ambaramani Ambarisa Ambhaspati Ambika
Ambikapati Ambikeya Ambrishh Ambuja Ambujabhu
Ambunatha Ambupa Amburaja Amchis Ameit
Amerjith Amiresh Amit Amita Amitabh
Amitabha Amitasan Amitava Amitay Amitesa
Amitrasaha Amitshree Amitsingh Amiya Ammayappan
Amogha Amogha Amol Amolakh Amratlal
Amravan Amrit Amrita Amritakara Amritalal
Amritanand Amritapa Amritasa Amritasha Amritasu
Amritchand Amritesa Amrutansh Amsh Amuda
Amulya Amurta Amurti Anabhayin Anadhya
Anadi Anadyanta Anagha Anakin Anala
Anamaya Anand Anand Ananda Ananda
Anandababu Anandavel Ananddeep Anandprabu Ananga
Ananjan Ananmaya Anant Ananta Ananta
Anantasri Ananteskti Ananyaja Anapaya Anasa
Anasuya Anatarupa Anay Andaja Andhakari
Aneev Anekakrita Angada Angaja Angajan
Angaraja Angati Angdil Angesvara Anggan
Angira Anika Anil Anila Anilatmaja
Anilavayin Anili Animes Animisa Aninda
Anindo Anindu Anindya Aninesa Anirban
Aniriddha Anirudhan Anirudhh Aniruthh Anirvan
Anirved Anirvina Anisa Anisvara Anita
Aniv Anivartin Anjai Anjaiah Anjali
Anjaneya Anjanii Anjeeb Anjisnu Anjistha
Anjneye Ankarao Ankati Ankita Ankur
Anmev Anna Annabhuj Annada Annada
Annamallai Annamayya Annapati Annappa Annapurna
Anniruddha Anookul Anoop Anoopkumar Anoorag
Anouj Ansha Ansheel Anshul Anshuman
Ansruta Ansubana Ansudhara Ansumalin Ansuman
Ansumat Ansupati Ansusvami Ansuvana Antakaripu
Antareeksh Anthanar Anthani Antriksh Anu
Anu Anubrato Anugraha Anujeet Anukul
Anumati Anunaras Anup Anupam Anupama
Anuraanan Anuradha Anuranan Anurupa Anusha
Anushree Anushveta Anuttama Anuv Anuvinda
Anuvino Anuvrinda Anviksh Anvita Anyan
Aoham Apadeva Apagasuta Apageya Apampati
Apapati Apara Aparajita Aparajita Aparna
Aparnesa Apava Aponaptir Appitta Apritapa
Apsavya Apte Apurba Apurva Aragam
Arambha Aran Aranav Aranis Arasmat
Arathi Aravan Araventhan Aravint Aravinten
Archana Arcismat Arcismati Ardana Ardhakala


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