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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aabritti Aachi Aadeeta Aadharsha Aadi
Aadiya Aadrita Aaishwarya Aaksha Aalaya
Aalopa Aamaira Aamukta Aananditha Aananyaa
Aanibha Aanica Aanivi Aanshu Aanushka
Aanvee Aanvi Aaradhna Aaramya Aarathana
Aarbi Aarchi Aardra Aariya Aariyeh
Aartee Aartidevi Aarunya Aarusihi Aaryani
Aasesha Aashrayaa Aashvi Aathmika Aatreyi
Aavya Abbritti Abeetha Abhay Abhaya
Abhijit Abhik Abhilasha Abhima Abhimani
Abhimanyu Abhinanda Abhinatha Abhiru Abhirupa
Abhisayana Abhu Abinandana Abirami Abishegha
Abiya Abjinipati Abrita Acalesvara Achintya
Achit Achu Achyuta Acintya Acyuta
Acyutanuja Adambha Adani Adesvara Adharmaka
Adharshaa Adharshini Adhideva Adhihira Adhikara
Adhikha Adhoksaja Adhoksaya Adhrta Adiankara
Adideva Adija Adikurma Adimata Adimurti
Adisakti Adishri Aditi Aditya Adityasuna
Adivaraha Adrija Advaita Adviteeya Adwitaa
Adwiteeya Adwitya Adya Aekeshwari Aekta
Aelilarasi Agaja Agarwal Agastya Aghaghna
Aghora Aghrnivasu Agma Agnaeya Agnajita
Agni Agnibhatta Agnideepta Agnidurga Agnija
Agnijvala Agnikumara Agreya Ahanpati Aharmani
Aharpati Aharya Ahaskara Ahijit Ahilia
Ahimsa Ahindra Ahisa Aidri Aimascarya
Aingini Aisakunu Aishanaa Aishanee Aishina
Aishiny Aishiyana Aishlyne Aitesvara Aiyenar
Aja Ajaikapada Ajamidhras Ajana Ajanta
Ajatari Ajatasatmi Ajatasatru Ajay Ajay
Ajaya Ajayshini Ajira Ajisa Ajit
Ajita Ajoy Akaash Akeshwari Akhandala
Akhil Akhsara Akhuga Akleshiya Akriti
Akrsna Akruthi Aksa Aksala Aksamala
Aksara Aksayini Akshadha Akshanda Akshay
Akshaya Akshayasri Akshe Aksitavasu Aksithi
Aksitoti Aksmalin Aksudra Akula Akuta
Akutascala Akuti Alagarasi Alakadhipa Alaukika
Allitanar Almithra Alok Alokamayee Alokee
Alpa Alpesa Amaanya Amadana Amal
Amal Amala Amanta Amar Amaracarya
Amaradhipa Amaraguru Amaraja Amaranatha Amarapa
Amarapati Amarasri Amarendra Amaresa Amaresvara
Amareyja Amarindra Amarisvara Amarjyoti Amarnath
Amarottama Amarsari Amatrra Amayatman Ambansa
Ambar Ambara Ambaramani Ambarisa Ambhaspati
Ambigay Ambika Ambikapati Ambikeya Ambuja
Ambunatha Ambupa Amburaja Ameeshi Ameyaa
Amit Amita Amitabh Amitabha Amitasan
Amitava Amitesa Amitrasaha Amiya Amnaya
Amodhini Amogah Amogha Amogha Amol
Ampili Amra Amra Amrit Amrita
Amritakara Amritapa Amritasa Amritasu Amritesa
Amulya Amurta Amurti Anaayaa Anabhayin
Anadhitha Anadhya Anadi Anadita Anaditha
Anadyanta Anagha Anahitha Anakin Anala
Anamaya Anamol Anand Anand Ananda
Ananda Anandhika Anandhikaa Anandhikha Anandika
Anandikaa Anandikha Anandikhaa Ananga Ananiya
Ananjan Ananmaya Anant Ananta Ananta
Ananthitha Ananyaja Anapaya Anargha Anasuia
Anasuya Anata Anatarupa Anathitha Anay
Andhakari Andrieana Aneeshaa Aneeshka Anekakrita
Angada Angaja Angaraja Angati Angesvara
Angira Anideepa Anidipa Aniditha Aniesh
Anika Anika Anikha Anil Anila
Anilatmaja Anilavayin Anili Anima Animisa
Aninda Aninditha Anindo Anindya Aninesa
Anirban Anirudhh Anirvina Anisa Anita
Anita Anivartin Anjali Anjanaa Anjaneya
Anjanii Anjhli Anjisnu Anjistha Anjni
Ankita Ankur Ankura Anna Anna
Anna Annabhuj Annada Annada Annamallai
Annanda Annapati Annapurna Annapurni Anniruddha
Annsav Anoec Anoepwatie Anoop Anoshka
Anoushcka Anshal Anshul Anshuman Ansruta
Ansubana Ansudhara Ansumalin Ansuman Ansumat
Ansupati Ansusvami Ansuvana Antakaripu Antaraa
Anthireya Antishia Antu Anu Anu
Anu Anu Anugraha Anugriha Anujah
Anukha Anumati Anumoni Anunaras Anup
Anupam Anupama Anupamma Anuradha Anuradha
Anurimaa Anurupa Anusha Anushkka Anushree
Anusuiya Anuswarya Anutha Anuttama Anutthara
Anuvinda Anuvrinda Anvaya Anvayaa Anvesh
Anvie Anvita Anwaya Apadeva Apagasuta
Apageya Apampati Apanrna Apapati Apara
Aparajita Aparajita Aparna Aparna Aparnesa
Apava Aponaptir Appitta Appittu Apritapa
Apsavya Apte Apurba Apurva Apurvi
Aragam Aramana Aran Aranis Arasmat
Arathi Archana Archika Arcismat Arcismati
Ardana Ardhakala Ardhendru Areshna Arghesvara
Arha Arhanaa Arhant Arhna Aribhima
Arijit Arimdama Arisma Arista Aristahan
Aristanemi Aristuta Aritra Arjun Arjuna
Arjunapala Arka Arkka Armugam Arnab
Arnavee Arnitha Aron Arpta Arthapati
Arthe Arthie Arti Arti Aru


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