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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abegaila Abela Abia Abigaila Abisai
Acoa Adalina Adela Adelaida Agata
Ageneti Ahonui Ahonui Ahulani Ahulani
Aikake Aikake Ailani Ailani Ailinalei
Ainalani Ainalani Ainanani Ainanani Airina
Aka Akahele Akahele Akaka Akalie
Akamai Akamai Akeakamai Akeakamai Akela
Akela Akelaika Akelifa Akelifa Akelina
Akenaka Akeneki Alana Alana Alani
Alaula Alaula Alebeta Aleeka Aleka
Aleka Alema Alepeka Alesa Aletia
Aliikai Aliikai Alika Alika Alisa
Alisa Alohalani Alohalani Alohanani Alohanani
Alokele Amaite Amana Amana Amariani
Ana Ana Ana Anadaria Anakalea
Anakalia Anakela Anakonia Anastagea Anatasia
Anatonia Ane Anela Anela Aneliki
Anelina Aneta Aneta Aniani Aniani
Anika Anika Anikala Anita Anita
Anitara Annaden Anuenue Anuenue Anuhea
Anuhea Aolani Aolani Aonani Aonani
Apelila Aperila Api Apikalia Arabela
Asenata Athalia Audere Augata Auguseta
Aukaka Aukele Aulii Aulii Aulika
Aurelia Auwina Auwina Avaliegh Avaliegha
Avani-Kay Awakea Bane Barabara Barbara
Barbara Bateseba Beatarisa Beke Bela
Beni Berenadeta Berenadino Bereta Berulio
Biatirisa Birigita Breze Cani Carllei
Chanol Chezare Cocua Connielynn Corieli
Dadri Dana Dana Dana Daniela
Daniela Daryl-Lynn Davida Dela Delia
Denise Denise Diana Diana Diana
Diana Diana Dina Dina Dini
Dona Dona Doreka Dorina Doris
Doris Dorisa Dorotea Eelee Eilany
Ekekela Ekela Ekela Eleki Elenoa
Elenola Elenora Elesi Elia Elianora
Elika Elika Elikapeka Elisa Elkia
Ema Emalaina Emalia Eme Emele
Emelia Emelina Enoka Erika Erika
Eseta Esetera Etana Etela Euanelia
Eunika Eva Eva Evalani Eva-Lani
Evalina Ewa Ewalina Ezera Failicia
Farakika Farani Felike Felora Felorena
Ferida Fidelia Folora Fulanessa Gallipoka
Geogiana Giaanna Gigee Goloria Gom
Haikela Haimi Haimi Haimi Haimi
Hakumele Hakumele Halaki Haleakua Haleakua
Hali Halia Haliaka Halolani Halolani
Hanaaloha Hanauhou Hanauhou Hanenca Hani
Hani Harati Hariaka Hariata Haukea
Haukea Haulani Haulani Haumea Haunani
Haunani Haunani Haunani Heluma Heluma
Hilalia Hina-Lea Hipakeiki Hipakeiki Hiu
Hoaka Hoaka Hokuao Hokuao Hokuaonani
Hokuaonani Hokulani Hokulani Holomakani Holomakani
Honekakala Honekakala Horesa Huali Huali
Hui Hui Hulama Hulama Hunakai
Ianeke Ianete Ibelise Ieke Iela
Ienipa Ikaikalani Ikaikalani Ikapela Ileina
Inoke Ioke Iokepina Iokepine Iokina
Iokina Iolana Iolana Iona Iosepine
Ipo Ipo Isaaka Isabela Isaia
Iudita Iugina Iugini Iuginia Iukika
Iukikina Iukila Iukina Iukinia Iulalia
Iulia Iuliana Iuliana Iune Iunia
Iusitina Iwa Iweke Iwi-Aloha Iwiani
Jade-Lyn Jalanii Jalleh Jay-Lynn Jenjanneis
Jenn`pho Jy-Len Ka`aona Kaelani Kaelani
Kaelanni Kaeliah Kahale Kahale Kahanu
Kahanu Kahawai Kahawai Kahawai Kahawai
Kaheka Kaheka Kahelani Kahelei Kahleiah
Kahoku Kahoku Kahua Kahua Kahuna
Kahuna Kai Kai Kai Kai
Kaia Kaiahna Kaihe Kaihe Kaihekoa
Kaihekoa Kaiis Kaikaina Kaikala Kaikala
Kaikeline Kaikili Kaila Kaila Kailani
Kailani Kailauni Kailauni Kaili Kaili
Kaili Kaili Kaili Kaili Kaimalie
Kaimalie Kaimana Kaimana Kaimi Kaimi
Kainoa Kaiolohia Kaiolohia Kaipo Kaipo
Kaisara Kakalina Kakanakala Kakapa Kakapa
Kakarina Kakielekea Kakielekea Kakumulani Kakumulani
Kala Kala Kala Kala Kala
Kala Ka-La Kalai Kalai Kalala
Kalalaina Kalalika Kalama Kalama Kalamela
Kalana Kalani Kalani Kalani Kalani
Kalanie Kalara Kalarisa Kalaudia Kalaudina
Kalaukia Kalaukina Kale Kale Kalea
Kalea Kaleahla Kaleea Kalei Kalei
Kaleina Kalena Kaleo Kaleo Kaleolani
Kali Kali Kali Kali Kali
Kali Kalika Kalika Kaliko Kalilinoe
Kalilinoe Kalina Kalini Kalino Kalino
Kaliona Kaliona Kaloka Kaloke Kalola
Kalolaina Kalolina Kalome Kaloni Kalota
Kalote Kaluka Kaluka Kamaha Kamaha
Kamakakoa Kamakakoa Kamakana Kamakana Kamakanai
Kamakanai Kamala Kamala Kamalanie Kamea


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