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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aardana Abbelina Abdera Abellona Abellone
Abryl Acacia Acacia Acantha Acanthas
Acantia Accaia Achaia Achille Achillea
Achradina Acis Acis Acnes Actaee
Actaia Actana Actanei Acte Actogor
Actolyt Ada Adara Addi Addie
Adeia Adelfia Adelpha Adelphe Adelphia
Adelphie Admeta Adneris Adonia Adonis
Adrian Adrianna Adrianna Adrianna Adyanna
Aechal Aedon Aegia Aegiana Aegidius
Aegidius Aegiolea Aegis Aegle Aello
Aenessa Aeole Aeon Aeriana Aeriann
Aerianna Aerione Aerope Aerotol Aerte
Aesop Aetaia Aetaian Aethalia Aethe
Aether Aethilo Aetho Aethoe Aethra
Aethre Aethyle Aetius Aetna Ag
Agace Agacia Agacie Agafia Agafia
Agalaia Agalia Agamede Agamemnon Aganaea
Aganame Aganass Aganetha Aganippe Agape
Agapet Agapia Agarista Agas Agase
Agata Agate Agatha Agathe Agathi
Agathonice Agathos Agathos Agathy Agaue
Agave Ageliki Aggie Aggy Agi
Agla Aglae Aglaia Aglate Aglauros
Aglaurus Agna Agneis Agnek Agnelia
Agnella Agnes Agnesa Agnese Agnesina
Agnesot Agness Agnessa Agnesse Agneta
Agneti Agnetis Agnetta Agnieszka Agnieszka
Agnieta Agnus Agota Agote Agotha
Agrias Agueda Ahellona Aidoios Aifili
Aigidon Aigidos Aigneis Aikatepinh Aikaterina
Aikaterine Aileen Aileen Aileen Aingeal
Aireanna Aireona Airiana Airiann Airla
Airleah Airlia Aithra Aiyana Ajax
Ajax Akakia Akantha Akatarina Aketa
Akil Akili Akilina Akriotou Alala
Alam Alana Alani Alastair Alastrina
Alastriona Alathea Alathia Alban Albin
Alcandre Alcestis Alciana Alcina Alcinette
Alcippe Alcmene Alcyone Alcyoneus Alcyoneus
Aldora Alec Alec Aleck Alecsis
Alecta Alecto Aleiandra Aleister Aleitheia
Aleix Aleixa Alejandra Alejandra Alejandro
Alejo Alek Aleka Aleki Alekia
Alekko Aleko Aleksa Aleksasha Aleksea
Aleksha Aleksy Alekzandra Alemene Alena
Alena Aleque Aleris Alesandese Aleshandra
Alesia Alessa Alessandra Alessandro Alessia
Alesta Alesya Aleta Aleth Aletha
Alethea Aletheia Alethia Aletia Aletta
Alex Alexa Alexande Alexander Alexandera
Alexandina Alexandr Alexandra Alexandra Alexandre
Alexandre Alexandrea Alexandrea Alexandria Alexandria
Alexandria Alexandros Alexcia Alexe Alexe
Alexea Alexecia Alexei Alexes Alexes
Alexey Alexez Alexi Alexia Alexia
Alexiane Alexias Alexie Alexie Alexiea
Alexina Alexine Alexiou Alexis Alexis
Alexis Alexis Alexisamir Alexisia Alexiss
Alexistian Alexius Alexiz Alexiz Alexsandra
Alexsandra Alexsia Alexsis Alexsus Alexus
Alexus Alexus Alexus Alexx Alexx
Alexxa Alexxandra Alexxis Alexy Alexys
Alexyss Alexzand Alexzandra Alexzandra Alexzia
Ali Ali Ali Ali Aliantis
Alic Alice Alice Alicia Alicia
Alida Alienor Alies Aliete Aliette
Alik Alika Alikea Alikhy Aliki
Alina Alina Aliocha Alisandra Alisaundre
Alissandre Alista Alistair Alithea Alithia
Alix Alix Alixandra Alixandre Alixandrea
Alixandria Alixendria Alix-Marie Alkmena Alkmina
Allesandra Allex Allexandra Allix Allix
Almeta Alonzo Alpha Altair Altha
Althaea Althaia Althea Altheda Althee
Altheia Altheta Altheya Althia Alyette
Alysa Alysandra Alysia Alysia Alyssa
Alyssa Alythea Alyx Alyx Alyxa
Alyxandria Alyxis Alyxsandra Amaija Amalthea
Amalthia Amantha Amara Amara-Jade Amaranda
Amarande Amarantha Amarhyllis Amarillis Amarinthea
Amarousia Amaryllis Amathea Amatheia Ambie
Ambroise Ambrose Ambrosia Ambrosina Ambrosine
Ambrosius Ambrotosa Ambrozette Ambrozine Amby
Amedia Amethistos Amethyst Amfelice Amfelisia
Amflis Amflisa Amflisia Amhrosine Aminta
Amintha Aminthe Amor Amor Amphean
Amphelice Amphelicia Amphelisia Amphillis Amphithoe
Amphitrite Amphne Amphnei Amphrianda Ampinomene
Amplias Amyfelyse Amygdala Amymone Amyntas
Ana Ana Ana Anacharsis Anacleto
Anaea Anais Anais Anastace Anastacia
Anastacia Anastas Anastas Anastase Anastase
Anastasha Anastashia Anastasi Anastasia Anastasija
Anastasio Anastasios Anastasius Anastasiya Anastassia
Anastassya Anastatia Anastay Anastazia Anastazja
Anastice Anastice Anatholia Anatola Anatole
Anatoli Anatolia Anatoly Anaxandra Anaxarete
Anaxis Anazeteo Andegone Anders Anderson
Andi Andie Andra Andranetta Andrasteia


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