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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaden Abboid Abigail Adaidh Adair
Adam Adhamh Aeneas Aengus Aerigh
Affrica Afric Africa Agata Agnes
Aherin Ahern Aherne Aibhne Aidan
Aidan Aideen Aiden Aiden Ailbhe
Ailbhe Ailde Ailean Ailen Aili
Ailig Ailigean Ailill Ailin Ailis
Ailpein Aindrea Aindreas Aine Ainmire
Ainsley Ainsling Airleas Airleas Airril
Aislin Aisling Aislinn Akil Alai
Alain Alan Alan Alana Alasdair
Alastair Alastar Alaster Alastrina Alayne
Alban Albert Aleel Alexander Alexandra
Alice Alina Alison Alistair Alistaire
Alister Allan Allen Allister Allyn
Allyn Aloysius Alphin Alpin Alroy
Alva Alva Alyce Alyssa Amalgith
Amber Ambros Ambrose Amelia Amergin
Amhuinn Anamcha Anamka Anaslis Andavius
Angaidh Angus Anla Anna Annabel
Anndra Anne Annie Anraoi Anthony
Anvirry Anya Aodh Aodhagan Aodhan
Aodhhan Aoibhe Aoibhinn Aoidhean Aoife
Aonghais Aonghas Aonghasan Aonghus Ardal
Argyle Arlen Arlene Armadal Arnold
Art Artagan Artair Arter Artgal
Arthur Artur Ashlin Ashling Athairne
Athdar Athdara Audy Aulay Auliffe
Avartack Aveny Aveyen Avna Awain
Awley Awliff Awv Ay Aygnockawn
Ayla Ayrin Ayvar Bacstair Bailefour
Baillidh Bain Bainbridge Bainhrydge Bairbre
Baird Bairre Bairrionn Balfour Banain
Banning Banquo Baodan Baoithein Baran
Barbara Bard Barhart Barin Barnaby
Barney Barock Barra Barrie Barry
Batair Baydan Beagan Beagen Beak
Bealantin Bearach Bearchan Bearnard Beatan
Beathan Beatie Beattie Beatty Beaty
Bebhinn Bebhinn Beircheart Beisdean Ben
Benjamin Benjamin Bentenel Bernard Bertie
Betha Beval Bevan Bevin Bhaididh
Bhaltair Bharain Bhatair Bheathain Bhruic
Biadhaiche Billean Bin Blain Blaine
Blaine Blair Blair Blanche Blane
Blar Blathan Blavock Blayn Blayne
Bofind Boisil Bonnie Boradur Bow
Bowen Bowen Bowie Bowyn Boyd
Boyne Boyne Boynton Bradach Brady
Bram Bran Branan Brandubh Brandudh
Branduff Bras Brazil Breandan Breandan
Breannan Breas Breasal Breck Breen
Brehan Brenda Brendan Brendanus Brendon
Brenna Brennan Brennon Brexton Brian
Brian Briana Brianan Brianna Bridget
Brigid Brodie Brody Bronte Bronte
Brothaigh Bruic Bruik Brurik Brus
Buadhachan Buidhe Buillidh Caci Cadhan
Caelan Caelan Caerai Caerid Caeryk
Cahner Cailan Cailbhin Cailea Cailean
Cailen Cailin Caillen Cailte Cailyn
Caimheul Cainneach Cainnech Cairbre Caireall
Cait Caitlin Calbhach Caleigh Caley
Caley Calhoun Callaghan Callan Callen
Calli Callie Callum Calum Calum
Caluman Calvock Calynn Camden Camdene
Cameron Camindins Campbell Camran Camshron
Canice Cano Caoilte Caoimhe Caoimhin
Caointean Caolaidhe Caolan Caomhan Caorall
Cara Caramichil Carey Carina Carlie
Carlin Carling Carling Carly Carmag
Carmichael Carmichail Carne Carney Carny
Carol Carollan Carolus Carraig Carrick
Carrol Carroll Carvey Carvy Caseigh
Casey Casey Casidhe Casidhe Cass
Cassidy Cassidy Cat Catan Cathair
Cathal Cathalan Cathaoir Cathasach Cathasach
Catherine Cathmor Cathmore Catholics Cathrine
Cavan Caylee Cayley Caylin Ce
Ceallach Ceallach Ceana Cearbhall Cearnach
Ceat Cecilia Ceileachan Cein Cerin
Cesan Cethern Charles Charlotte Chay
Cheney Choilleich Christian Christina Christine
Cian Ciaran Ciardubhan Cinnard Cinneididh
Cinnfhail Cionnaola Clancy Cleary Cleirach
Cliaman Clock Clothach Clunainach Cluny
Cobhan Cody Coigleach Coilin Coilleach
Coinleain Coinneach Coire Coireall Coiseam
Colan Colin Coll Colla Colle
Colleen Collin Colm Colth Colum
Columbanus Comhall Comhan Comhghan Con
Conaire Conall Conan Conchar Conchobhar
Congal Conlan Conleth Conlin Conn
Connell Conner Connery Connlan Connor
Conor Conroy Conway Cooey Corc
Corcoran Corey Corey Cori Cori
Corie Cormac Cormack Cormag Cormick
Cornelius Corquoran Corwin Corwyn Cory
Cosgrach Coty Cowan Cowley Coyle
Craig Creag Creenan Criffin Criofan


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