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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaden Abaigeal Abby-Viola Abhlach Abigail
Abigail Achall Acharah Adair Adam
Affrica Afkica Afric Africa Agata
Agatah Agatha Agnees Agnes Ahern
Ahkna Ahkra Ahktock Ahlis Ahmileena
Aibhne Aidan Aidan Aideen Aiden
Aiden Aifric Aigidh Aigneas Aigneis
Ailbhe Ailbhe Ailean Aileas Ailen
Ailen Aili Aili Ailill Ailin
Ailin Ailis Ailleann Aimil Aimili
Aimiliona Aindrea Aine Aingealag Ainnir
Ainsley Aiobhilin Airleas Airleas Airna
Aishlin Aisleen Aislin Aisling Aislinn
Akarrah Akil Alai Alain Alan
Alan Alana Alanna Alanna Alanora
Alastair Alastrina Alastriona Alayne Alban
Albert Alene Alesca Alesone Alexander
Alexandra Alexandra Alice Alice Alina
Alina Alison Alistair Alistaire Allan
Allannah Allasan Allen Allene Allister
Allyn Allyn Almha Aloysius Alroy
Alva Alva Alyce Alyssa Alyssa
Amber Amber Amber Ambrose Amelia
Amhuinn Anabal Anawbla Aneer Anerbas
Angus Aniann Anla Anna Anna
Anna Annabel Annabel Annabella Annabelle
Annag Anndra Anne Anne Anne
Annie Anthony Anya Anya Anya
Aodhan Aoibhe Aoibhinn Aoife Aphor
Aphria Apirka Ardal Argyle Arienh
Arionda Arlen Arlene Arlina Arline
Arline Arnold Arrhianna Art Arthur
Aselma Ashlin Ashling Atarrah Athar
Athdara Audy Aurnia Avlock Avna
Ay Aydenn Ayla Ayrin Babag
Babaidh Baillgheal Bain Bainbridge Bairbre
Baird Bairre Bairrionn Banba Banbha
Banquo Banva Banya Barabal Barabell
Baran Barbara Barbara Bard Barin
Barnaby Barney Barock Barra Barrie
Barry Bathia Baydan Beak Bearach
Bearrach Beasag Beathag Beatie Beattie
Beatty Beaty Bebhaill Bebhinn Bebhinn
Beelal Beibhinn Beitiris Beitris Ben
Benjamin Bernard Bertie Betha Bethag
Bethia Beval Bevan Bevin Bin
Binn Blain Blaine Blaine Blair
Blair Blanche Blane Blawnit Blayne
Blinna Blinne Bonnie Boonan Borgach
Bow Bowen Bowie Boyd Boyne
Boyne Boynton Brady Bran Brazil
Breandan Breandan Breannan Breck Breen
Breen Breena Breeya Brenda Brendan
Brendon Brenna Brenna Brennan Brenno
Brennon Brian Brian Brian Briana
Briana Briana Briana Briana Brianag
Brianan Brianna Brianna Brianna Brianna
Bridann Bridget Brighde Brighidh Brigid
Brinneal Brodie Brody Bronte Bronte
Buanann Buanann Caci Caedda Caela
Caelan Caelan Caera Caila Cailan
Cailea Cailean Caileen Caileigh Cailen
Cailin Cailin Caillea Caillen Cailley
Cailyn Cainnech Cainnleach Cairbre Caireann
Cairidh Cairrean Cait Caiteagh Caitir
Caitlin Caitrin Caitrina Caitriona Caitrionag
Caleigh Caleni Caley Caley Calhoun
Callaghan Callan Callee Callen Calli
Calliagh Callie Callum Calum Calum
Calynn Camden Cameron Campbell Canice
Cano Cantynal Caoilainn Caoimhe Caoimhin
Caointiarn Caointiorn Cara Cara Cara
Carey Carey Carina Carina Carlie
Carlin Carling Carling Carling Carling
Carly Carly Carmichael Carney Carny
Carol Carol Carolus Carrick Carrol
Carroll Casey Casey Casidhe Casidhe
Cass Cassidy Cassidy Cat Cathach
Cathal Cathasach Cathasach Catheiryn Catherine
Catherine Cathrine Catrina Catrina Catrina
Catriona Catriona Catrionag Cavan Cavin
Cayla Caylee Caylee Cayley Caylie
Caylin Ce Cealach Ceallach Ceallach
Ceana Ceanag Ceara Cecilia Ceibhionn
Ceillie Cein Ceit Ceitag Cerin
Charles Charllaine Charlotte Charlotte Chay
Cheney Christian Christina Christina Christina
Christine Chuisle Cian Ciaran Ciarda
Ciarnait Cinnica Ciorstag Ciorstaidh Ciorstan
Clancy Clarsa Cleary Climidh Clodagh
Clodagh Clothra Cluny Cobhlaith Cochrann
Cody Coinneach Coire Colan Colan
Coleen Colene Colin Colina Coline
Coll Colla Colle Colleen Colleen
Collin Colline Colm Con Conall
Conan Conchobhar Conlan Conleth Conlin
Conn Connell Connemara Conner Connery
Connor Conor Conroy Conway Corcair
Corcoran Corey Corey Cori Cori
Coriann Coriann Corianne Corianne Corianne


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