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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Acacia Acacia Acanthus Acea Acecia
Acesha Acey Acie Acie Adonis
Adsila Akecia Alda Alder Alder
Alyssum Amarantha Amaryllis Anemone Angelica
Anise Aquacea Aralia Aralia Asasia
Ash Ash Aspasia Aspen Asta
Astelia Aster Aster Azalea Azucena
Basil Bay Bay Baylee Baylee
Beech Begonia Belladone Belladonna Belladonna
Berrie Berry Betony Birch Blossom
Bluebell Bluet Bluma Branch Briar
Briarrose Briarrose Brier Brier Briony
Briony Bryar Bryar Bryonie Bryony
Cacia Calla Calla Camala Camalia
Camallia Camas Camela Camelia Camelita
Camella Camellia Camellita Camelllia Cane
Canna Carissa Carissa Carmelia Carnation
Casia Casia Cassia Cassia Cedar
Celandine Chantou Chaz Chazmin Cherry
Cicely Cinnamon Clematis Cliantha Clover
Clovery Columbine Coriander Coronella Cosmos
Crocus Crossandra Daffodil Dahlia Daisee
Daisey Daisi Daisia Daisie Daisy
Dalia Dalia Daliah Dalialah Daliyah
Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Daphne
Daphne Dasey Dasi Dasie Dasy
Daysee Daysi Daysie Dayssy Daysy
Dayzsa Dayzsa Deisy Dilila Edelweiss
Edelweiss Effloresca Eglantine Emaloo Erica
Evan-Charm Fennel Fern Fern Ferne
Fernie Fernlee Fernleigh Fernley Fernly
Fiala Fleur Flommi Flora Flora
Floralseed Frond Fuschia Fushia Gardenia
Garland Genista Gentian Giardini Ginger
Godetia Hawthorn Hazal Hazaline Haze
Hazel Hazeline Hazell Hazelle Hazen
Hazyl Heath Heath Heather Heather
Heatherlee Heatherlee Heatherly Henna Henna
Holianne Hollee Holley Holli Holliann
Holliann Hollianna Hollie Hollinda Hollis
Holly Holly Hollyann Hollyann Hollyanne
Hollyanne Hollyce Holyce Hortensia Hya
Hyacinth Hyacintha Hyacinthe Hyacinthie Hyacintia
Hycinth Hycynth Hyssop Immortelle Iona
Ionia Iris Iris Irisa Irisha
Irissa Irita Irupe Ivey Ivie
Ivy Ivy Jacinth Jannie-Ann Japonica
Jardena Jardenia Jas Jasena Jasenia
Jashmine Jasimine Jasma Jasmain Jasmaine
Jasman Jasme Jasmeen Jasmeet Jasmein
Jasmene Jasmin Jasmina Jasmine Jasmine
Jasmine Jasmira Jasmit Jasmon Jasmonae
Jasmyn Jasmyne Jass Jassma Jassmain
Jassmine Jassmit Jassmon Jassmyn Jaz
Jazmaine Jazman Jazmen Jazmen Jazmin
Jazmin Jazmin Jazmin Jazmine Jazmine
Jazminique Jazminn Jazmon Jazmon Jazmon
Jazmyn Jazmyne Jazmynn Jazsmyne Jazz
Jazze Jazzi Jazzman Jazzmen Jazzmin
Jazzmine Jazzmit Jazzmon Jazzmyn Jescenia
Jesenia Jessamin Jessamine Jessamon Jessamy
Jessamyn Jessamyn Jessemin Jessemine Jessenia
Jessimin Jessimine Jessinia Jessmin Jessmine
Jessmon Jessmy Jessmyn Jimson Jonquil
Jonquille Juniper Kacia Kaisha Kalika
Kamelia Kamellia Kardenya Kasha Kasia
Kasiah Kasiah Kazia Kaziah Kytra
Larilia Laural Laurel Laurell Laurelle
Lavatera Lavender Lavon Lavon Lavonda
Lavonder Lavondria Lavone Lavonia Lavonica
Lavonn Lavonna Lavonna Lavonna Lavonne
Lavonne Lavonnie Lavonya Lawanda Lawanda
Lawanda Lawynda Leelee Leelee Leilani
Leilani Levander Lialich Lil Lilac
Lilae Lilandra Lilas Lile Lile
Lileana Lileane Lili Lili Lilia
Lilia Lilian Lilian Lilian Liliana
Liliane Liliane Lilias Lilie Liliha
Lilika Lilike Liliosa Lilium Liliya
Lilja Lilka Lilla Lille Lilli
Lilli Lillia Lillian Lillianna Lillianne
Lillianne Lillie Lillis Lilly Lillyan
Lillyann Lillyanne Lillyanne Lillyona Lily
Lily Lilya Lilyan Lilyann Lilyann
Lilyanne Lilyanne Lilybeth Lily-Grace Linea
Linnaea Linnea Lobelia Lorel Lorele
Lorelle Lorelle Lotus Lyly Lyly
Lynae Lynea Lynea Lynnae Lynnaea
Lynnea Magnolia Malva Marialunie Marigold
Mariposa Marjoram Mary-Gil Marygold Mertis
Mertle Mignon Mignonette Mimosa Minarosa
Minnonette Minyonette Minyonne Mirtle Mouricse
Mulan Mulan Myrta Myrtia Myrtias
Myrtice Myrtie Myrtilla Myrtis Myrtle
Narcisa Narcissa Narcissa Narcisse Narcyssa
Narkissa Nawaina Newangels Nigella Nola
Nolia Oleander Olive Pansey Pansie
Pansy Patuna Peach Peaches Peonie
Peony Petunia Pomelia Poppey Poppi
Poppie Poppy Posy Primrose Primula


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