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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aalotar Aamu Aaron Abel Adalmina
Adam Ada-Maria Agatha Agnes Aija
Aila Aili Aili Aimo Aina
Aini Ainikki Aino Aira Airi
Aisha Aisha Aisha Aisha Ake
Aki Aku Akviliina Alan Albert
Ale Aleksi Aleksis Alexander Alexi
Alexius Alfred Ali Ali Alice
Alice Aliisa Alina Alina All
Allan Alli Alma Alpi Alvar
Alvar Alvi Amalia Amalia Amanda
Amanda Ametisti Ana Ana Ana
Anakin Anakka Analiise Andrew Anelma
Anette Angelaa Angeliina Anita Anita
Anitta Anja Anja Anna Anna
Anna Annaleena Annaleena Anna-Leena Annaliina
Annamari Annamari Anne Anne Anne
Anneli Anneli Annemari Annemari Anne-Mari
Anni Anniina Annika Annika Anni-Kaisa
Annikka Annikki Annu Annukka Annukka
Ano Ansa Anselm Anselmiina Anthony
Antonia Antonia Antonia Antti Anttiri
Anu Anu Anu-Liina Ari Arja
Arja Arja Armi Arsi Arthur
Arvi Aryamarik Asa Asla Asser
Asta Atte August Augustine Augustus
Auli Auli Aulikki Aulis Aulis
Aune Auni Auno Auno Aura
Aura Auri Aurora Aurora Axel
Benedict Benjamin Birgitta Bo Bo
Bridget Briita Brolie Camilla Carissa
Carissa Carita Carola Caroline Caroline
Cathrin Cathrine Catrin Catrine Cecily
Cenona Charity Charles Charlotte Charlotte
Chatrin Chatrine Chrisle Christian Christine
Clare Clary-Ann Daniel Daniel Darinne
David Disa Dorotea Edward Eeva
Eeva Eeva-Jonna Eeva-Kaija Eeva-Leena Eeva-Liisa
Eeva-Maija Eeva-Mari Eevi Eija Eila
Einar Eine Eini Eione Eira
Eleanor Elena Elene Eleonoora Elias
Eliisa Elin Elin Elina Elisa
Elisabet Elisabeth Elisana Elise Elizabeth
Elizabeth Elke Ella Ellen Ellen
Elli Ellimari Ellis Ellis Elma
Elmer Elmi Elmi Elmo Elna
Elrine Elsa Elsa Else Elsi
Elsie Elsy Elvi Elviira Elvira
Emil Emilia Emilia Emily Emily
Emivita Emma Emma Emmanuel Emmi
Emmi-Julia Enni Eric Erika Erika
Erja Erkka Erkka Ernest Erno
Esa Essi Ester Esteri Esther
Esther Eva Eva Eveliina Evelyn
Evelyn Evi Evilla Faliera Finland
Finnishf Fisk Floora Flora Flora
Francis Frans Frederick Fredericka Fredrik
Gabriel Gaius George Gerrit Gertrude
Gosta Gregory Gustav Haltijatar Haltijatar
Hanna Hanna Hannah Hannah Hanne
Hannele Hannes Hanni Hanno Harju
Harri Harry Haukka Heidi Heidi
Heike Heikki Heini Heini Helen
Helen Helena Helga Heli Helina
Helina Helja Helka Hella Helle
Helleke Hellevi Helli Hellin Helmi
Helmi Helu Helvi Hely Henna
Henna Henni Henri Henrietta Henriika
Henriikka Henrik Henry Henzu Herman
Hermanni Hertta Heta Hilary Hilja
Hilkka Hilla Hille Hillevi Hilma
Hilppa Hugo Hyel Ida Iida
Iina Iines Iiria Iiris Iisakki
Iita Ilkka Illona Ilma Ilmatar
Ilmi Ilta Immi Immonen Impi
Ina Inari Inari Inez Inez
Ingria Inka Inkeri Inkerie Ira
Irene Irene Irina Irina Iris
Iris Irja Irma Irma Irmeli
Iro Isaac Isaiah Isaias Ivo
Jaakkina Jaana Jacob Jali Jami
Jamie-Beth Jan Jan Jane Jane
Jane Jane Jani Janiika Janika
Janina Janita Janita Janna Janna
Janne Janne Janne Janne Janne
Janne Janne Janne Janne Janne
Janne Janne Jari Jarno Jarnoia
Jaska Jasmin Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine
Jaspar Jatta Jean Jean Jenna
Jenna Jenna Jenni Jenny Jenny
Jens Jere Jere Jeremy Jerna
Jesse Jetta Joachim Joakim Joanna
Joanna Joanna Joanna Joanna Joel
Joel Joel Johan Johanna Johanna
Johannes John Joki Joki Jonah
Jonas Jonatan Jonathan Joni Jonna
Jonna Jonne Jonni Joona Jori
Josefiina Josefina Josefina Joseph Josephine
Josiah Jouko Joyes Judith Judith
Judygrace Juha Juhana Juhana Jukka


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