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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aachie Aachien Aafje Aafke Aagje
Aagtje Aalbert Aalbertje Aalberts Aalbertsz
Aaldert Aaltie Aaltje Aan Aard
Aaron Aaron Aart Aartje Aartjen
Aartse Aartsen Aartsz Abbaji Abe
Abel Abide Abigail Abraham Abrahams
Abram Abros Absolon Ad Ada
Ada Adam Adda Adela Adele
Adelheid Adeline Adelmar Adolph Adolphus
Adri Adri Adriaan Adriaantje Adriaen
Adriaensdr Adriaensz Adriaentje Adrian Adriana
Adriana Adriance Adriane Adrianna Adrianus
Adrianus Adrie Adrie Adrienne Aebbe
Aegje Aelbert Aeltgen Aeltie Aeltie
Aeltje Aeneas Aerden Aerje Aernoudt
Aert Aert Aertge Aertsen Aeyron
Age Aggie Agie Aginus Agnes
Agnes Agnieske Agnietje Ahrend Aimee
Akjtyfsnb Akke Akym Alarik Alban
Alberick Albert Alberta Albertje Albertus
Albinus Alco Aldert Aleidis Aletta
Alewijn Alewijn Alex Alexander Alexander
Alexandrus Alexis Alfarein Alfons Alfred
Alfred Ali Ali Alice Alicia
Alida Alida Alie Alina Alinde
Aline Alissa Alko Allard Aller
Alof Aloysius Alpen Alta Alva
Alwin Amada Amanda Amber Ambrose
Ambrosius Ame Amelia Amerva Amstel
Anastasia Ancelmo Andires Andre Andre
Andre Andre Andre Andre Andrea
Andrea Andreas Andreas Andrew Andrew
Andric Andries Andriesse Andriessen Andriesz
Angel Angela Angelica Angelina Angelique
Angelique Anika Anita Anita Anja
Anja Anke Anke Ann Anna
Anne Anne Anneke Annelies Annelise
Anneloes Annemarie Annemarijn Annemie Annemiek
Annemieke Annet Annet Annette Annichje
Annie Annika Annitje Anno Anoek
Anoeschka Anouk Anric Ans Ans
Ansgar Ansje Anske Antheunis Anthonetta
Anthonia Anthonie Anthonij Anthonis Anthonius
Anthony Antje Antoine Antoinet Antoinette
Anton Anton Antonet Antonetta Antoni
Antonia Antonia Antonie Antonie Antonij
Antonis Antonisz Antonius Antonus Antony
Antoon Anxe Apollonius Appoline Arabella
Aravian Archell Arco Arctoths Ard
Arda Ardjan Arend Arendje Arends
Arendse Arendsen Arendsz Arendt Arensen
Arent Arentie Arentje Arents Arentse
Arentsen Arentsz Ariaan Ariaantie Ariaantje
Ariaens Ariaentie Arian Arianne Arie
Arie-Jan Arien Ariena Ariens Ariense
Ariensz Aries Aries Arij Arijaantje
Ari-Jan Arije Arijs Arijsse Arion
Arion Aris Aristone Arja Arjan
Arjen Arnall Arnaud Arno Arno
Arnold Arnoldus Arnoud Arnout Arsene
Arte Arthur Artoine Ary Aryaantje
Aryans Assen Assia Asta Astrid
Astrid Atie Attie Auban Aubrey
Aubrey Audrey Augian Augustine Augustyn
Auina Aukje Austin Ava Avin
Axel Ayolt Ayse Baaltje Baarns
Baartge Baarthouts Baartje Bab Babette
Back Baer Baerla Baertje Baldwin
Balfour Balt Balthasar Balthazar Baltje
Baltrus Baltus Bamme Banjer Banning
Baptist Bar Barb Barbara Barbara
Barbel Barber Barber Barbera Bard
Baren Barend Barendina Barendsz Barendt
Barent Barentie Barry Bart Barta
Bartel Bartelmus Bartelt Barthold Bartje
Bartlo Bartol Bartol Bartolotti Baruch
Barwert Bas Bas Bas Basilius
Bas-Jan Bastiaan Bastiaans Bastiaense Bauduyn
Bauke Baur Bava Baviaan Bavin
Bayen Bazuin Bea Beatrice Beatrix
Beaumont Beck Beeck Beer Beerda
Beerent Beernd Beertje Beest Behr
Bejatris Beligardus Belinda Bell Bella
Ben Ben Bene Benjamin Benjamin
Benk Benoit Bente Bep Bep
Beppie Berber Berber Berch Berck
Berehta Berend Berents Berentse Berg
Berg Berge Bergen Berger Bergh
Berioc Berit Berlo Berna Bernadette
Bernard Bernardous Bernardus Bernd Berner
Bernhard Bernies Bernies Berrie Berrie
Bert Bert Berta Bertha Berthe
Berthold Bert-Jan Berto Bertus Bessel
Beth Betje Betty Beverly Bey
Beyer Bianca Bille Binck Binnert
Bipsridder Birgel Biron Bjorn Bjorn
Bladen Blair Bleecker Bloeme Blois
Blomerus Bloys Boas-Bas Boaz Bob
Bobby Bock Boele Bogart Bokkie
Boldwijn Bolke Bolle Bommert Bon


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