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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aabjorn Aaby Aage Aake Aamund
Aaron Aaron Aars Aasmund Abbie
Abdallah Abdallah Abdallah Abdel Abdul
Abel Abigael Abigail Abjorn Abraham
Abraham Abrahamsen Absalon Achim Achton
Acton Ada Adam Adams Adamson
Adane Adda Addie Addy Adela
Adelbert Adele Adelheid Adeline Adi
Adia Adie Adil Adil Adils
Adin Adina Adine Adolf Adolfe
Adolph Adrian Adriana Adriane Adriano
Adrielle Adrienne Adser Adwan Ady
Agata Age Ager Agga Agge
Aggi Agnar Agne Agner Agnes
Ahmed Ahrendt Ahrent Aicha Aida
Aies Aija Aiko Aila Aili
Ailsa Aimas Aimee Aimy Aina
Aino Ais Aisha Aishah Aja
Ajes Ajo Ajs Ake Akim
Akita Aksel Akton Al Aladdin
Aladdin Aladdin Alain Alaine Alan
Alba Alban Albert Alberta Alberth
Albertine Alberto Albertus Albin Albina
Albinus Albrecht Albrekt Albret Albright
Aldo Alec Alek Aleks Aleksandar
Aleksander Aleksandra Aleksej Alessandra Alex
Alexa Alexandar Alexander Alexandra Alexandria
Alexia Alexie Alexis Alexius Alf
Alfa Alfred Alfride Alger Algot
Algoth Algy Ali Ali Alia
Alice Alicia Alida Alina Aline
Alis Alisa Alison Alissa Alistair
Alita Aliz All Allan Allen
Allen Allie Allis Allon Allred
Ally Alma Almar Almer Almeta
Almeta Alois Alona Aloysius Alpen
Als Althea Alva Alvar Alver
Alvin Alvina Alvine Alwine Amadeus
Amalia Amalie Amand Amanda Amandus
Ambjorn Ambrosia Ambrosius Amdi Amelia
Amelie Amia Amilia Amina Aminah
Amine Amira Ammund Amola Amos
Amund Amy Ana Anaia Anastasia
Anatol Anatole Anaya Ancher Ancher
Ancker Anders Andersen Anders-Lau Anderson
Andi Andras Andre Andre Andre
Andrea Andreas Andreassen Andree Andrei
Andrej Andres Andresen Andrew Andrew
Andrew Andrew Andrias Andry Andy
Ane Aneka Anet Anfred Angel
Angela Angele Angelica Angelina Angeline
Angelique Angelo Angul Angus Ani
Ania Anick Anika Anisa Anise
Anita Anitha Anja Anka Anke
Anker Anker Ankie Anli Ann
Anna Anne Anneke Annelie Annemarie
Annemie Annet Annette Anni Annie
Annika Annmarie Anny Anouk Anselm
Ansgar Ansine Ante Anthon Anthon
Anthonia Anthonie Anthonio Anthonius Anthony
Antje Antoine Antoinette Anton Anton
Antonella Antoni Antonia Antonie Antonina
Antonine Antonio Antonio Antonius Antony
Any Any Anya Apollo Apollus
Appel Aqqaluk Arabella Aram Archibald
Archie Ard Ardy Are Aren
Arend Arendse Arendt Arent Argus
Ari Ari Ariane Ariel Arielle
Arik Arild Arkibald Arlan Arlette
Arli Arly Armand Armin Arn
Arna Arnbjorn Arndt Arne Arnell
Arnfred Arni Arnkil Arno Arnold
Arnoldus Arnt Arnth Aron Arrild
Arthur Artur Arup Arv Arvada
Arved Arvi Arvid Asa Asa
Asbjorn Ase Asfred Asgar Asger
Asgerd Ashley Ask Aske Asker
Askil Askild Aslak Asmind Asmund
Asmus Asp Asser Assi Assia
Asta Asthor Astor Astrid Atalia
Athalia Athena Athina Atkinson Atlanta
Atle Atli Atos Atte Attila
Aud Audrey Audun Augo August
Augusta Auguste Augustin Augustina Augustine
Augustinus Augusto Augustus Aukje Aurora
Ava Axel Aya Aye Ayo
Ayse Aziza Baard Babette Bach
Bach Baden Bagga Bagge Bagge
Bahne Baird Baker Baki Bakker
Balder Baldrian Balduin Baldur Ballard
Balle Balser Baltazar Balthasar Balthazar
Baltser Baltser Baltzer Balzer Bane
Bang Barba Barba Barbara Barbel
Barbro Bardo Barker Barnabas Barney
Barny Barry Barry Bart Bartel
Barth Bartolemus Bartolomus Bartram Basthiann
Bastian Bate Bateman Bau Bauer
Baxter Bay Bea Beate Beatrice
Beatrix Beatriz Bebe Bebe Becca
Bech Beck Becky Behrend Behrendt


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