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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abonei Ada Ada Adam Adela
Adelka Adriana Adriana Adriana Adriana
Adrianka Agata Agatka Aja Ajmaani
Ajuska Ala Ala Ala Alan
Albert Albroniece Alca Alena Alena
Alenka Ales Alexandr Alexandra Alexandra
Ali Ali Alice Alice Alicka
Alois Alzbeta Alzbetka Amalie Amalka
Ambroz Anastazie Anastazka Anca Andela
Andelka Andrea Andrea Andrea Andrea
Andrei Andrejka Andrew Andula Andulka
Aneta Aneta Anetka Anezka Anicka
Aninka Anitarak Anka Anna Anna
Anna Antonie Anuska Apolena Apolenka
Austoria Bara Barbora Barborka Barca
Barunka Baruska Beata Beatka Beda
Bel Bela Belia Belinka Belka
Bell Bella Ben Berta Berticka
Bertinka Beta Bethre Betka Betunka
Betuska Bibina Blanicka Blanka Blaza
Blazena Blazenka Blazka Bohda Bohdana
Bohumila Bohuna Bohunka Bohuska Bohuslava
Boris Boza Bozena Bozena Bozenka
Bozka Breta Brigit Brigita Brigitka
Broxx Capeka Cecilie Cecilka Cenda
Cermaka Charlyrae Chermack Cilinka Cilka
Czesha Dagmar Dagmar Dagmarka Dainste
Damek Dan Dana Dana Dana
Dandanara Danicka Daniel Daniel Daniela
Daniela Danka Dannaley Danulka Danushe
Danuska Dara Dara Darina Darinka
Darinka Darka Dasa Dasenka Dasha
Dasha Dasha Dasha Dasha David
Deni Denisa Deniska Dia Diadem
Diana Diana Diana Diana Diana
Diana-Beth Dianka Diphda Dita Ditka
Dobinka Dobromila Dobruska Dom Dominik
Dorka Dorota Dorotka Doubravka Draha
Drahomira Drahoslava Drahuska Drazic Dusan
Dzenka Eda Edita Editka Eduard
Ela Elena Elenka Eliska Elka
Ema Eman Emanuel Emeirene Emilie
Emilka Ester Esterka Estika Estr
Eva Eva Evelina Evelina Evelinka
Evicka Evinka Evka Evulka Evuska
Evza Evza Evzena Evzenie Evzenka
Fanka Fanousek Fany Fanynka Faunne
Ferda Fertaly Fiala Fignar Filda
Filip Frana Frana Franta Frantik
Frantina Frantisek Frantisek Frantiska Gabi
Gabina Gabriel Gabriela Gabrielka Geratka
Gita Gitka Gizela Gizelka Grena
Gusta Gustav Han Hana Hana
Hanicka Haninka Hanka Hedva Hedvicka
Hedvika Hela Helen Helen Helena
Helenka Herbert Hlinkova Hoza Hudak
Ilona Ilona Ilonka Irca Irena
Irenka Iva Ivan Ivana Ivana
Ivania Ivanka Ivanna Iveta Ivetka
Ivka Ivo Ivona Ivonka Ivuska
Izabela Izabelka Jacob Jacwy Jacyliv
Jan Jan Jana Jana Jana
Janah Janalee Janalee Janalyn Janalyn
Janalynn Janceena Janica Janicka Janinka
Janna Janna Jannah Jannalee Janne
Janne Janne Janne Jannie Janny
Janny Janny Janny Janos Jarca
Jarda Jarda Jarka Jarmila Jaroslav
Jaroslava Jarunka Jaruska Jedreth Jena
Jena Jenda Jenik Jindra Jindra
Jindriska Jinna Jira Jira Jira
Jira Jirasek Jirina Jirinka Jirka
Jirka Jita Jitka Jituska Johana
Johanka John Jola Jolana Jolanka
Jolka Jonas Josef Joska Joza
Judita Juditka Julca Julie Julie
Julie Julinka Julius Julka Jura
Justyna Justynka Kaca Kacenka Kacka
Kafka Kaja Kaja Kajinka Kaleen
Kaleena Kalena Kalene Kalina Kamila
Kamilka Karca Karel Karin Karina
Karinka Karla Karlicka Karol Karolina
Karolinka Kata Katarina Katarina Katarynna
Katerina Katka Katkarina Katunka Katuska
Klara Klarinka Klarka Klawik Koralovy
Kostelnika Kouchnir Koushnir Krasava Krasna
Krista Krista Kristek Kristina Kristina
Kristyna Kristynka Krystina Kuba Kubik
Kushnir Kveta Kvetka Kvetoslava Kvetuska
Lada Lada Ladenka Ladka Laduska
Laura Laura Laurinka Lavyehska Lea
Lea Lecz Lenicka Lenka Leo
Leona Leonka Lev Lexa Lia
Liana Liba Libena Libenka Libuse
Libushe Libuska Lida Lidka Lidunka
Liduska Liliana Luba Lucie Lucinka
Lucka Luda Ludmila Ludmilka Lukas
Lydie Magda Magdalen Magdalena Magdalena
Magdalena Magdalena Magdalena Magdalena Magdalene
Magdalene Magdicka Mahulena Mahulenka Majka


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