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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aareny Abbianca Abiyaya Adellyne Adreina
Afoo Ah-Lai Ah-Xue Ah-Ying Aichuan
Aijie Ai-Lin Ai-Mee Aimin Aisaki
Ai-Sze Aitia Aivia Aivyn Aiwen
Aizhou Akeci Akeeme Alio Allicen
Alreen Alyy Amalitha Ammary Ammily
Amurri An An Anatomy Anbo
Andari Andz Ang Angelineau Angie-Kong
Angiru Aniie Anjing An-Ju Anlina
Anmanda An-Mei Anmin Anna-Otani Annasse
Annay Annerz Anouar Anxia Anyi
An-Yi Anyuan Apprecia Apro Aricin
Arthalia Arwinda Astassy Au Audilia
Audrey-See Audrey-Yu Avelda Aw Ba
Bado Bai Baiyun Balmy Ban
Bang Bao Bao Baobao Baobao
Bao-Chai Bao-Han Baoling Baoqi Baoru
Bao-Uyen Beaca Beechoo Beekhim Bee-Kiow
Beellie Bee-Loon Bee-Sim Bei Beibei
Beichen Beihong Bejyork Bemarlarm Bernietra
Bestlyn Bi Bian Bian Biao
Bicky Bi-Jun Bik Bin Bing
Bingjie Bingwa Binoche Binxin Biquan
Bishin Biting Biverlly Bli Blondless
Bluered Bo Bo Bochi Boffin
Bohong Boklahn Bo-Man Bo-Men Bong-Hee
Boon-Bee Boonkuan Boon-Li Boon-Pin Boontee
Boon-Wei Bowlon Boyi Buling Byblis
Cadilac Cai Cai Caihuiying Caijie
Cailing Caiqin Cai-Xia Caixiu Cang
Cangping Cao Carollin Cazane Cconnie
Ce-Ce Cee-Chun Ceimoy Celestal Celinae
Celini Cesiana Cevadne Chai-Jing Chai-Mui
Chaiping Chan Chan Chan Chanels
Chang Chang Changchang Chang-Hee Changjin
Chanh Chan-Minyu Chao Chao Chaoru
Charisia Charven Chavelly Cheau Chee-Fan
Chee-Yen Cheh Chein Chelmin Chen
Chen Chen Chen Chen Chen
Chenfeng Cheng Cheng Cheng-Chi Chengling
Cheng-Ling Cheng-Pei Cheng-Siew Cheng-Ying Chenxi
Chenxia Cheny Chernmei Cherrielle Cherry-Mae
Cheryl-Lyn Cheuk-Lo Cheukyee Cheung Cheung
Chew Chew-Bee Chewsung Chew-Yi Chhay
Chiachien Chiaching Chiaching Chia-Ern Chia-Fen
Chia-Li Chia-Ling Chiang Chiaoling Chia-Ping
Chiapoh Chia-Poh Chia-Shing Chiawyen Chiaw-Yen
Chia-Yin Chia-Ying Chia-Yu Chi-Chi Chi-Chi
Chien Chien-Mei Chien-Yun Chieu Chiew-Eng
Chiew-Huey Chiew-Mei Chih Chih-Hsuan Chihlin
Chih-Yuan Chi-King Chiling Chin Chin-Chin
Chin-Ching Chindra Chinesef Ching Ching
Ching Ching-Chun Chinghui Ching-In Chingkee
Chingwan Chingwan Ching-Wen Chingyee Chingyee
Ching-Yee Ching-Yi Ching-Ying Ching-Ying Ching-Yu
Chinsi Chinyan Chio Chi-Ren Chi-San
Chi-Sui Chiuchi Chiu-Ching Chi-Wen Chloe
Chloe Chloe Choe Choi Choi
Choi-Nim Chong Chooi-Geng Chor Chorchen
Chou Chow Choy-Kin Christiany Chrizelyn
Chu Chua Chuanmin Chu-Chi Chu-Ho
Chui-Ang Chuiking Chui-Ling Chuiphing Chuipz
Chui-Sam Chui-Yi Chujiao Chuko Chum-Tai
Chun Chung Chung Chung-Hee Chung-Man
Chun-Hui Chun-Hui Chun-Ja Chunjun Chun-Jun
Chun-Li Chun-Li Chunlin Chun-Mei Chun-Ning
Chunting Chunzhu Chunzi Churm Chuyan
Chwchin Chye-Joo Cia-Ai Ciellyn Cillia
Ciomey Cladudia Clala Claraa Clintia
Cloudio Collidear Comeon Cong Cong
Connie Cooni Coradels Cowtaaye Craudia
Crisnel Cristyane Cui Cuishan Cuixiang
Cui-Yin Cui-Yu Cunnie Cymbelly Cyner
Da Dacui Dah-Bien Dai Dai-Yu
Dan Danhao Dan-Huey Danlin Danmeng
Dan-Meng Danyu Dao-Linh Daysleeper De
De Dee Deeching Deemei Defen
Dehui Deledda Delimawati Delime Delphibe
Delvy Deng Denieru Dequeen Devila
Diamona Dickei Diem-Huong Dieu-Han Dieu-My
Dilia-Tze Dina Dina Ding Ding
Dishan Disi Dixuan Dodo Dodo
Dolaya Dolliano Dong Dong Dongli
Donglu Dongyao Dongyi Donna-Mae Dou
Dow-Jane Drizzle Dun Dung Dwan
Dwan Ean Ee-Hui Eeli Ee-Ming
Eerena Ee-Teng Ee-Wei Efanry Ei-Lun
Einnox Eisleen Ejen Eleli Elensia
Elibe Elinel-Liu Eling Eling Elinice
Ellyani Elverine Emilianay Eminy Emmulin
Endrie Eng Eng-Peng Engsiang Enice
Enjiao Enning Eow Epo Er
Ersalina Erwanti Esaine Esbonde Essamia
Etzikey Eun-Bi Eun-Jeong Eun-Joo Eun-Joo
Eun-Jung Eun-Kyung Eunnice Eunnysse Eun-Sook
Eun-Young Evanch Evawaty Eve-Lee Fa
Fahn Fai Falkany Fan Fan
Fanchao Fanda Fang Fang Fang-Chih
Fang-Qi Fang-Yi Fanilla Fanlian Fanmie
Fanzi Fayebo Fayraine Febryani Febryta


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