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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaidin Aarol Aaron Aaron Aberth
Abhartach Abhean Ablach Acaunus Acco
Acur Adair Adalardo Adamnan Adan
Adeir Adela Aden Adgennus Adhamhnan
Adhean Adhna Adhnuall Adian Adin
Adminius Adomnan Adrian Adwen Aebattle
Aebbey Aebbots Aeborn Aebrown Aecircle
Aecloud Aecrag Aedair Aedam Aedan
Aedark Aedh Aedin Aeelm Aefame
Aefton Aeges Aegreat Aegreen Aehead
Aeheart Aehigh Aehill Aeholly Aehorse
Aehound Ael Aelan Aelchinn Aelig
Aelin Aengus Aer Aeron Aeryon
Aesico Aesk Aesos Aesus Affrica
Afric Africa Afton Agata Aggie
Agh Agnan Agned Agnes Agnoman
Agulus Ahearn Aheran Ahern Aherne
Ahkra Aidan Aiden Aidhin Aidric
Aiel Aignan Aila Ailbhe Ailbhis
Ailchu Ailean Ailean Aileen Ailell
Ailene Aileran Ailgel Ailgenach Aili
Ailill Ailim Ailin Ailis Ailithir
Aillen Aillinn Ailpein Ailpin Ailsa
Aimon Aina Aincel Aindelbadh Aindrea
Aine Aine Ainge Ainle Ainmire
Ainsel Ainslee Ainsley Ainvar Airard
Airell Airetach Airic Airnelach Airt
Aislin Aisling Aislinn Alaen Alain
Alaine Alainn Alainon Alair Alaire
Alan Alana Aland Alane Alane
Alani Alani Alani Alani Alanson
Alante Alanus Alar Alar Alaric
Alarig Alasdair Alastair Alastar Alastrina
Alastrina Alauna Alayn Alayne Alayne
Alban Albanach Albarnaid Albatou Alberz
Albin Albinig Albion Alcock Alcuin
Aled Alein Aleksandr Aleksiz Alen
Alen Alena Aler Alerig Alexandra
Alexis Aleyn Aleyne Alfons Alice
Alina Aline Alis Alisan Alisha
Alissa Alistair Alister Alistryn Alistryn
Aliz Alla Allain Allan Allen
Allenon Alleyn Allin Alline Allore
Alluan Allyn Allyn Allyne Alma
Alon Alondra Alor Alour Alpin
Alsdair Alston Aluin Alun Alva
Alyce Alyn Alyne Alynne Alyona
Alys Amalgoid Amand Amargein Ambicatos
Ambiorix Ambroaz Amelia Amergin Amess
Amgerit Amina Amine Amlaibh Ana
Anant Ancient Andala Andela Andesasus
Andragius Andras Andrea Andreana Andreas
Andreays Andreo Andrev Andrew Andrew
Androgius Aneirin Aneurin Aneyrin Angharad
Anghus Angus Aniril Anjela Anlaf
Ann Anna Annaeg Annan Annaog
Anndra Anne Annick Annis Anrothan
Ansgar Antaine Antedios Anton Anton
Anu Anuerin Anwell Anwyl Anwyll
Anyon Aod Aodh Aodhagan Aodhan
Aodren Aodrenig Aogh Aogust Aohdan
Aoife Aonghas Aonghus Aouen Aouregan
Aouregwenn Aourell Aoustin Apostle Appukuttan
Apullio Aracle Arataur Arawn Arbell
Arcallach Archantael Archantael Archibald Archil
Archu Ardal Ardan Ardawn Arden
Arden Ardene Ardra Ardwin Arexon
Arfon Argan Argantael Argantel Argetlamh
Argyle Argyll Arian Ariana Arianwyn
Arias Arimaspu Ariovistus Arlan Arleigh
Arlen Arlen Arlene Arlette Arlin
Arlis Arlyn Arlyn Arlynn Armand
Armans Armanz Armel Arneg Arontuis
Arranen Arranz Arranz Art Artair
Artamor Artbranan Arte Artek Arter
Artgal Arth Arthene Arther Artheur
Arthgal Arthmail Arthor Arthur Arthurian
Arthurius Arthurs Arthurus Arthyen Arti
Artian Artie Artigan Artis Artis
Artor Artorius Artos Artrach Artri
Artur Arturo Arturus Artus Arty
Arverus Arviragus Arwel Arwen Arwyn
Arzel Arzhael Arzhaelig Arzhel Arzhelig
Arzhels Arzhul Arzhulig Arzhur Arzhurig
Arzhvael Arzur Asal Ascatinius Ascon
Ashlan Ashlen Ashlin Ashling Ashlyn
Ashlynn Ashte Assa Atepacius Athair
Athuro Attie Attus Atty Aube
Aubin Audagus Audren Audrey Audy
Aughen Augustine Auisle Aulay Aurog
Auron Aurthar Aurther Aurthur Auruyn
Austell Austeyn Ave Avel Avelig
Aveline Aven Avitus Avon Awen
Awenig Axan Aydan Ayden Aydien
Aydin Ayla Aylene Aylin Ayman
Aymon Ayrshire Aza Azchel Azenor
Azer Aziliz Azorius Azur Bacauda
Baclan Baculo Badvoc Baethbarr Bahy
Bain Bairbre Baird Bairee Bairre
Baiscne Baithan Baithen Baithene Balan


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