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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aalana Aanor Aanora Aaron Abbyshay
Abetha Ablach Acco Acinda Adair
Adan Adela Aden Adewyn Adian
Adin Adrian Adwen Aedan Aefe
Aeife Ael Aela Aelan Aelig
Aenor Aeokii Aeollah Aer Aerlin
Aerllyn Aerlynn Aeron Aeslyn Aeslynn
Aeyvi Affrica Afric Africa Africah
Afrika Afrikah Afton Agata Aggie
Agnes Ahern Ahleena Ahryeta Aibhilin
Aibinn Aibrean Aidan Aiden Aife
Aifric Aigneis Aila Ailbhe Ailean
Ailean Aileen Aileen Aileen Aileenah
Ailene Aili Aili Ailia Ailia
Ailid Ailidh Ailie Ailill Ailin
Ailin Ailina Ailinn Ailionora Ailis
Ailisch Ailla Aillbhe Aillen Aillinn
Ailne Ailsa Aimil Aina Aindrea
Aine Aine Ainge Aingeal Ainne
Ainsel Ainslee Ainsley Airic Airmed
Aisleen Aislen Aislin Aisling Aislinh
Aislinn Aith Aithne Aithnea Alaena
Alahna Alain Alaina Alaine Alainn
Alainna Alainnah Alainya Alair Alaire
Alan Alana Alanah Alandra Alandria
Alane Alane Alani Alani Alania
Alanie Alanis Alanis Alanna Alanna
Alannah Alannah Alante Alantra Alanus
Alar Alar Alaric Alastair Alastrina
Alastrina Alastrine Alastriona Alauna Alaunda
Alawna Alayn Alayna Alayne Alayne
Alban Albin Albion Alcuin Aleana
Aleany Aleen Aleen Aleena Aleena
Aleene Alen Alena Alena Alene
Alenna Aler Alexandra Alexandra Alexina
Alexine Alexis Alexis Aleyne Alfons
Aliana Alice Alice Alice-Mary Aliena
Aliene Alienor Alina Alina Alinaa
Aline Alis Alisan Alisha Alisha
Alissa Alistair Alistryn Alistryn Alistryna
Aliz Alla Alla Allain Allaina
Allan Allana Allanah Allanna Allayna
Allen Allena Allene Alleyn Alleyna
Allin Alline Allondra Allyn Allyn
Allyna Allyne Alma Almeda Almu
Alon Alondra Alonna Alor Alowyn
Alphasy Alston Alun Alva Alvalana
Alyana Alyce Alyedia Alyn Alyn
Alyna Alyne Alynne Alynne Alyona
Alyona Alys Alysse Amand Ambraisia
Amelia Amena Amena Amenna Amina
Amine Ana Ana Ana Anachorita
Anaiera Anant Anatona Anchoret Anchoretta
Ancret Ancreta Ancrett Andala Andaste
Andela Andras Andraste Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea Andreana Andreas Andreo
Andreva Andrew Andrina Anerlie Angaret
Angharad Anghared Angus Angusina Anjela
Anjelika Ankerita Ankharet Ann Ann
Anna Anna Anna Annabelle Annaeg
Annaic Annaig Annan Annaog Anndra
Anne Anne Anne Anne-Luce Annest
Annick Annis Annwn Antoneta Anu
Anu Anwnn Anwyl Aobh Aoda
Aodez Aodhan Aoefa Aoibheall Aoibheann
Aoibhell Aoife Aour Aouregan Aouregon
Aouregwenn Aourell Aphitara Aphria Apirka
Aqueona Aranrhod Aranwen Arbell Archantael
Archantael Archibald Ardal Ardan Arden
Arden Ardena Ardene Ardra Arela
Arelyn Argantael Argantel Argantlon Argdath
Argyle Arian Arian Ariana Arianell
Arianrhod Arianwen Arianwyn Arias Ariawn
Arienh Arla Arlan Arlana Arleana
Arleen Arleena Arleene Arleigh Arlen
Arlen Arlena Arlene Arlenis Arlenna
Arleta Arlette Arleyne Arliene Arlin
Arlina Arlinda Arline Arline Arlis
Arlyn Arlyn Arlyne Arlynn Armel
Armela Arminia Arranz Arranz Arrowan
Art Arte Arthea Arthene Arthette
Arthur Arthuretta Arthurina Arthurine Arti
Arti Artie Artina Artis Artis
Artois Artrice Arty Arwel Arwen
Arwyn Arwynna Aryadin Arzel Arzhaelig
Arzhel Arzhela Arzhvael Asal Ashlan
Ashleann Ashleen Ashleene Ashlen Ashlene
Ashliann Ashlianne Ashlin Ashline Ashling
Ashlyn Ashlyne Ashlynn Ashlynne Ashore
Asppara Assa Athelia Atlan Attie
Atty Aube Aubin Audrey Audrey
Audy Aufrica Augustine Aureguen Aurnia
Auron Auruguen Austell Avalyne Ave
Avel Avelig Aveline Aven Avenie
Averial Avon Avylon Awen Aydan
Ayden Aydin Ayian Ayla Aylana
Ayleana Aylee Ayleen Aylene Aylie
Aylin Ayman Ayslinn Aza Azenor
Aziliz Azulead Azur Badb Badbh
Bahee Bahy Bain Bairbre Baird


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