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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aadab Aadrisha Aakhee Aalia Aalia
Aamaal Aamir Aareba Aaron Aasmaa
Aayushyee Abada Abbas Abdullah Abeer
Abel Abhay Abhaya Abhijit Abhik
Abhilasha Abhima Abhimani Abhimanyu Abhinanda
Abhinatha Abhiru Abhirupa Abhisayana Abhu
Abid Abida Abirami Abjinipati Ablaa
Abraham Abreeti Acalesvara Achintya Achit
Achyuta Acintya Acyuta Acyutanuja Adam
Adambha Adeela Adel Adela Adesvara
Adharmaka Adhideva Adhikara Adhoksaja Adhoksaya
Adhrta Adiankara Adiba Adideva Adija
Adikurma Adil Adila Adimata Adimurti
Adisakti Aditi Aditya Adityasuna Adivaraha
Admaa Adnan Adrija Adrishiana Advaita
Adwesha Adya Afaf Afaf Afaf
Afak Afaq Affika Afia Afifa
Afifi Afiya Afkar Afnan Afraa
Afrah Afrina Afroja Afruza Agaja
Agastya Aghaghna Agharid Aghora Aghrnivasu
Agnajita Agni Agnibhatta Agnidurga Agnija
Agnijvala Agnikumara Agnila Agreya Ahanpati
Aharmani Aharpati Ahaskara Ahd Ahd
Ahijit Ahimsa Ahindra Ahlam Ahlam
Ahmad Ahmed Aida Aida Aimascarya
Aindrila Aingini Aisha Aisha Aisha
Aisha Aishwini Aitesvara Aiyenar Aja
Ajaikapada Ajamidhras Ajana Ajanta Ajatari
Ajatasatmi Ajatasatru Ajay Ajay Ajaya
Ajira Ajisa Ajit Ajita Ajoy
Akaash Akhandala Akhil Akhuga Akil
Akila Akmar Akram Akriti Akrsna
Aksa Aksala Aksamala Aksara Aksayini
Akshay Akshaya Aksitavasu Aksitoti Aksmalin
Aksudra Akula Akuta Akutascala Akuti
Alaa Alaa Alaa Aladdin Alakadhipa
Ali Ali Alia Alia Alia
Alia Alifa Alija Alimun Alissa
Aliya Aliya Almas Almasa Alok
Alpa Alpesa Aly Amaaya Amadana
Amal Amal Amal Amal Amala
Amana Amani Amani Amanta Amar
Amaracarya Amaradhipa Amaraguru Amaraja Amaranatha
Amarapa Amarapati Amarasri Amarendra Amaresa
Amaresvara Amareyja Amarindra Amarisvara Amarottama
Amarsari Amatullah Amatun Amayatman Ambansa
Ambar Ambaramani Ambarisa Ambhaspati Ambika
Ambikapati Ambikeya Ambuja Ambunatha Ambupa
Amburaja Ameen Ameena Ameera Amin
Amina Aminah Amir Amira Amit
Amita Amitabh Amitabha Amitasan Amitava
Amitesa Amitrasaha Amiya Amjad Amna
Amogha Amogha Amol Amra Amra
Amran Amrit Amrita Amritakara Amritapa
Amritasa Amritasu Amritesa Amulya Amurta
Amurti Anaan Anab Anabhayin Anadhya
Anadi Anadyanta Anagha Anahar Anakin
Anala Anamaya Anan Anan Anan
Anand Ananda Ananda Ananga Ananjan
Ananmaya Anant Ananta Ananta Ananyaja
Anapaya Anashruta Anasuya Anata Anatarupa
Anay Anbar Anbar Andhakari Anees
Aneesa Anekakrita Angada Angaja Angaraja
Angati Angesvara Angham Angira Angoman
Anideepa Anidipa Anika Anika Anikasaday
Anil Anila Anilatmaja Anilavayin Anili
Anima Animisa Aninda Anindo Anindya
Aninesa Aniqa Anirban Anirudhh Anirvina
Anis Anisa Anisa Anita Anita
Anivartin Anjali Anjana-Das Anjaneya Anjanii
Anjisnu Anjistha Ankita Ankur Anna
Anna Anna Annabhuj Annada Annada
Annaika Annamallai Annapati Annapurna Anniruddha
Anoop Anowara Ansam Anshul Anshuman
Ansruta Ansubana Ansudhara Ansumalin Ansuman
Ansumat Ansupati Ansusvami Ansuvana Antakaripu
Antar Anu Anu Anu Anu
Anugraha Anumati Anunaras Anup Anupam
Anupama Anuradha Anuradha Anurupa Anusha
Anushree Anuttama Anuvinda Anuvrinda Anvita
Anwaar Anwar Anzuman Apadeva Apagasuta
Apageya Apampati Apapati Apara Aparajita
Aparajita Aparna Aparna Aparnesa Apava
Aponaptir Appitta Apritapa Apsavya Apurba
Apurva Aqila Aqmar Aragam Aran
Aranis Arasmat Arathi Archana Arcismat
Arcismati Ardana Ardhakala Ardhendru Areebah
Areej Arghesvara Arha Arhant Aribhima
Arif Arifa Arijit Arimdama Arista
Aristahan Aristanemi Aristuta Arjun Arjuna
Arjunapala Arka Arkka Armugam Arnab
Arony Aroob Arsh Arslan Arthapati
Arti Arti Aru Arul Arun
Aruna Arunaditya Arunagraja Arunakara Arunakham
Arunanuja Arunapriya Arundhati Arup Arusa
Arusia Arvana Arvavasan Arvind Arwa
Aryaki Asad Asadha Asah Asalah
Asambana Asanis Asatrus Aseel Aseelah
Aseem Asha Asha Ashabory Ashapurna
Ashika Ashiqa Ashish Ashok Ashoka


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