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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aalehya Aaron Abelina Abigail Abigail
Abraham Achim Adalbert Adam Adele
Adele Adelheid Adem Adina Adrian
Adriana Adriana Adriana Adriana Adriane
Adriane Adriano Agatha Agathe Agnes
Ahmed Ahmet Aida Aida Alban
Albert Alberto Albin Albrecht Aleksandra
Alena Alena Alessa Alessandra Alessandro
Alessia Alex Alexa Alexander Alexandra
Alexandra Alexia Alfons Alfred Ali
Ali Alia Alia Alia Alia
Alice Alice Alicia Alicia Alina
Alina Aline Alisa Alisa Alissa
Allan Allegra Alma Almajean Almut
Alois Aloisia Alwin Amanda Amanda
Amelie Amin Amina Amir Amira
Amon Amrei Ana Ana Ana
Anahita Anastasia Andra Andre Andrea
Andrea Andrea Andrea Andreas Andrew
Andrina Andy Anette Angela Angela
Angela Angelika Angelina Angelina Angelique
Angelique Angelo Anika Anika Aniko
Anina Anita Anita Anja Anja
Anke Anke Ann Ann Anna
Anna Anna Annabel Annabel Annabell
Annabell Annabella Annabelle Anna-Lena Anna-Lisa
Anna-Maria Anne Anne Anne Annelies
Annelies Anneliese Anneliese Annemarie Annemarie
Annette Annika Annika Annina Anselm
Anthony Antje Antoinette Antoinette Antonella
Antonia Antonia Antonia Antonio Antonio
Antonius Arabella Arabella Aram Ari
Arian Arian Ariane Arisoa Arman
Armin Arne Arne Arno Arnold
Arnold Aron Arthur Aryll Astrid
Astrid August Augustin Aurel Aurelia
Avalana Avvani Axel Aylin Babette
Barbara Barbara Barbel Bastian Bauer
Beat Beate Beatrice Beatrice Beatrix
Belinda Benedict Benita Benjamin Berbel
Berenike Berit Bernadett Bernadette Bernadette
Bernard Bernd Berta Berthold Betina
Betina Bettina Bianca Bianca Bianka
Bibiana Bibiane Bijoinia Bijounia Birgit
Birgitt Bjorn Boris Born Bottomley
Brian Brian Brian Briarwood Brigitta
Brigitte Britta Bruno Bruno Bryan
Cacilia Camilla Camillo Can Cara
Cara Cara Carin Carina Carina
Carinna Carl Carla Carla Carlo
Carlos Carmen Carmen Carola Carolin
Carolina Caroline Caroline Carolyn Carsten
Catarina Caterina Catharina Catharina Catherina
Catherine Catherine Cathrin Cathrine Catrin
Cecilia Cedric Celina Celine Celine
Celine Chantal Chantal Chantal Charlotte
Charlotte Chiara Chris Chrisman Christa
Christian Christiana Christiane Christin Christina
Christina Christina Christine Christofer Christoph
Cinderella Cindy Cindy Claire Clara
Clara Clarissa Clarissa Claudia Claudia
Claudio Claudius Claus Clemens Connie
Conrad Constanze Cora Cora Cordula
Corina Corina Corinna Corinne Cornel
Cornelia Cornelius Cosima Cynthia Cynthia
Dagmar Dagmar Dajana Daliah Damaris
Damaris Damian Damien Dan Dana
Dana Dana Dania Daniel Daniel
Daniela Daniela Daniele Daniele Daniella
Daniella Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle
Danilo Danja Danny Danny Daphne
Daphne Daria Daria Daria Daria
Darius David Debora Debora Deborah
Deborah Deborah Deborah Delia Denis
Denis Denise Denise Deniz Deniz
Dennis Desiree Desiree Desiree Desiree
Desiree Diana Diana Diana Diana
Diana Diane Dimitri Dina Dina
Dinah Dino Dirk Dolores Domenic
Domenica Domenico Domenique Dominic Dominica
Dominik Dominika Dominika Dominique Dominique
Dominique Dominique Dominique Dominique Don-Stina
Dora Dora Doreen Doresia Dorian
Dorina Doris Doris Dorit Dorothea
Dorothee Dreher Dunja Dunja Dustin
Eafncu Eberhard Edda Edeltraud Edgar
Edith Edith Edmund Eduard Edward
Edwin Edwina Ehsaneh Eike Eileen
Elena Eleonora Eleonore Elfi Elfriede
Elias Elif Elisa Elisabeth Elise
Elizabeth Elizabeth Elke Ella Ellasandra
Ellen Ellen Elmar Elsa Elsa
Elvira Elvis Emanuel Emanuela Emil
Emilia Emilia Emilie Emily Emily
Emma Emma Emmanuel Engelbert Enzo
Ephraim Eric Erik Erika Erika
Erna Ernest Ernestine Ernst Erol
Erwin Ester Esther Esther Etienne
Eugen Eunike Eurike Eva Eva
Evamaria Evamaria Eva-Maria Evarna Evelin


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