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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aart Abeodan Ablendan Abrecan Acca
Ace Acennan Acey Acon Acwel
Acwellen Adamnan Adgar Aedelbert Aedelfrid
Aedelhun Aedelred Aedelwald Aedelwalh Aedilberct
Aedilfrid Aedilhum Aedilred Aedilualch Aediluald
Aeduini Aehrick Aelfric Aelfuini Aelfwaerd
Aelfwig Aelfwine Aelle Aelli Aeoelbert
Aeoelfrid Aeoelhun Aeoelred Aeoelwald Aeoelwalh
Aescwine Aethelbald Aethelbert Aethelhere Aethelred
Aethelred Aethelstan Aethelwulf Agarick Agiefan
Agilberht Aglaeca Agyfen Aheawan Ahebban
Ahreddan Ahredelyr Aidan Aiken Ainsley
Aisley Akherina Albinus Albrico Albrit
Alchfrid Alden Aldfrid Aldfrith Aldhelm
Aldin Aldred Alduini Alduulf Aldwulf
Aldwyn Alecz Alerico Alfholm Alfred
Algar Alger Almund Alodia Alric
Alston Alwalda Alwin Amaethon Anamadim
Anavrin Anbidian Ancenned Andettan Andhun
Andsaca Andswarian Andswaru Andswaru Andweard
Andwearde Andwyrdan Ane Anfeald Anhaga
Ann Anna Annis Anson Anson
Anwealda Ar Archard Archerd Archibald
Ardith Ardyn Arian Aridicus Arlice
Arlys Arlyss Artair Arth Arthas
Arthw Arwyroe Ashley Asland Assey
Astyrian Atelic Athelstan Atol Ator
Atrit Attaris Attor Atyhtan Audley
Audrey Augustine Avallon Averil Averill
Avery Awez Awiergan Baecere Baldlice
Bana Banan Banning Bar Barclay
Bardon Bassa Baumhardt Bawdewyn Bawdewyne
Baydock Bayen Baylor Baysinger Beadurinc
Beadwof Bealohydig Bearn Bebeodan Bede
Beircheart Bellinus Bendixen Benoic Benwick
Beorhtirc Beorhtwine Beorn Beornwulf Beowulf
Beowulfe Bercthun Berctuald Berdun Berkeley
Berthguin Bertie Bertwald Bestandan Besyrwan
Betlic Beverly Bgr Birdoswald Bliss
Bliss Blye Blythe Bobbert Boden
Bolz Boniface Booker Bordan Borden
Bovfgh Bowden Bowdyn Boyden Bradley
Braemar Brandon Brandon Braxon Braxton
Brecc Brice Brictric Brioi Brocker
Broga Brogan Bron Bronson Brooke
Brun Bryce Bud Budger Burhred
Byron Cadman Cadwallon Caedmon Caedwalla
Caelin Caewlin Caflice Calcote Camden
Camdene Camery Carla Carrington Cassondra
Cate Catherine Cearl Cearo Ceawlin
Cedd Centwine Cenwalch Cenwalh Ceolfrith
Ceoluulf Ceolwulf Cerdic Chad Chadou
Chandra Chapman Charles Chelsea Chelsey
Cheree Chest Cleland Cleopetrus Clepto
Clevinger Clifford Clover Cloys Cnut
Coenred Coenualch Coenwalh Colby Colred
Colric Colwulf Comah Conerad Conewalch
Conhelm Conwulf Cookey Corey Corun
Courtland Courtnay Courtney Crast Cudberct
Cudbert Cuelin Cuichelm Curville Cuthbert
Cuthred Cuthwulf Cutulf Cvzvhqqe Cyneagils
Cyneburg Cynefrid Cynegels Cynewulf Cynifrid
Cynigils Cynric Daegal Daisy Daliah
Dalmain Dalston Dalton Damon Damon
Damon Daniendan Darel Darel Darelle
Darlene Darren Darryld Daryl David
David Dawn Decllan Dedaglus Deman
Denby Denek Denisc Dennen Denwick
Deogol Derian Derrer Derryll Desmond
Desmond Deverill Devon Devon Devon
Devon Devoni Devyn Diamondjim Dilph
D-Martin D-Max Don Donnybud Doodahah
Dossey Dougal Douglas Drakery Drefan
Dreng Dreogan Drew Druce Dufton
Durwin Durwyn Eadbald Eadberct Eadbert
Eadberth Eadfrid Eadgard Eadig Eadlyn
Eadred Eadric Eadward Eadwig Eadwine
Eadwyn Eafa Ealdian Ealhred Ealhswith
Eamon Eamon Eanfrid Earconbert Eardwulf
Earh Earl Earlan Earle Earm
Earpwald Easter Ecgberct Ecgfrid Ecgfrith
Ecgric Eda Eddison Edgar Edgard
Edgert Edgett Edilfred Edissen Edit
Edita Edith Edla Edlin Edlin
Edlyn Edlyn Edmee Edmond Edmund
Edmund Edna Edred Edric Edris
Edrit Edsel Edson Edward Edwin
Edwina Edwy Edwyn Egbert Egesa
Egeslic Egfrid Egric Eikre Elardus
El-Deane Eldred Eldrid Eldwin Eldwyn
Elga Elizabeth Ella Ellen Elmer
Elne Eloyed Elsie Elva Emma
Emmett Emyryltt Endecott Engel Eni
Eorl Eorpuald Epros Ereonberht Erian
Erskine Erul Erwin Esma Esme
Estrith Estrith Etguino Etguinum Ethelbald
Ethelbert Ethelheard Ethelred Ethelwulf Ethilfrith
Etrit Evertt Execz Eyceor Faggots
Fairfax Faran Farman Farmon Farquahar
Favarger Felix Feran Ferb Finan


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