Practical Uses of Breathing - Part 2

© Alfred J. Parker

I cannot stress too much the importance of deep, rhythmic, consciously positive breathing. The deep and positive breathing warms the blood and quickens the mind, giving physical power to a depleted body. Proper breathing tones up the system and strengthens the eyes.

Observe how the lowly snake by inhaling through the nose, retaining the breath, and exhaling through the pores of the skin is able to create an entirely new skin covering every ninety days. The breathing is the most vital physical function. One can go without food for months, and live for days without water, but ten minutes without breath is all that is necessary to cause death.

One cannot spend too much time in reflecting upon the function of breathing. It holds a lesson far too profound to grasp in a short time and it contains one of the greatest secrets of life; do not consider it lightly. Remember the scriptural quotation: God "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Genesis 2:7 One cannot develop physically, mentally, and spiritually without the knowledge and application of the breathing. Increase your breathing and you increase your stamina.

Deep breathing does not necessarily develop greater intelligence, but it does give power to one's thinking capacity and the emotions, and it develops greater positivity.

The energy extracted from the oxygen through breathing holds a power that is unlimited in its influence, but to utilize it requires knowledge of how to direct it, in the same way that it requires knowledge of self-control in order to govern and direct the emotions.

There is a close relationship between the function of breathing and the conscious mind of humanity. The first represents the divine power of life. The second symbolizes Conscious Intelligence: the Word. If you are a thinking person, you will find a very pro- found lesson contained herein.

(Editor's note: Constructive, happy, peaceful thinking is essential to gain the most from the deep rhythmic breathing.)

When your mind is tired and you feel sleepy, inhale as much breath through your nose as your lung capacity will permit. Retain the breath until you count six and then exhale slowly. This will awaken the mental faculties and make you feel alert. Do this breathing at least three times in succession.

(Editor's note: Inhale the breath slowly through the nose concentrating on relaxing the back of the throat. As you breathe in push the abdomen forward and expand the ribs. Then, lift the chest and collarbone while still breathing in. The abdomen will automatically go inwards slightly. Then relax the head and the shoulders. When exhaling, allow the collarbone, chest, and ribs to relax. The air will expel automatically. Then pull the abdomen in slightly to expel any remaining air. Relaxation of mind and body is the key to benefitting from deep breathing.)

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